This gallery is an experiment established by father and son Grant and Liam Brown. One a Cook and the other an Artist, the two have already built an eclectic restaurant and coffee shop called 19 Bella. After having success with selling paintings from the walls, after his graduation from Tyler School of Art in 2018, Liam and Grant decided to open the space up to more artists with the simple goal of representing local emerging artists in their area. Their belief is that art, food, and coffee are a natural and engaging way of bringing people together. Melding these together, we hope to provide an experience that is rich in flavor and creativity.

          Grant L Brown has owned and run his tapas restaurant 19 Bella for more than 8 years in Skippack, PA. Having previously cooked for places The Meritage in Philadelphia and the London Chop House in Detroit, his 40+ years of cooking experience have culminated in this experimental restaurant where he relinquishes all boundaries of what the experience should be. Having also painted as a hobby for many years, and an avid consumer of art, he knew that visual and culinary arts would be pivotal part of expanding the experience of the restaurant. You can find some of his own paintings on the wall that show his deep appreciation for the impressionistic and fauvist styles, injecting rich color and dense texture into his own work.

          Liam R.L. Brown has followed in his families footsteps and developed his own making, in the form of visual arts. Earning a BFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, he learned that young artists need as many opportunities as possible. He had already been selling work from 19 Bella, and so after graduating, he is now working to extend that exposure to others. Young artists in his mind are the least represented because of their lack of experience. It is his goal that these artists have an outlet to represent themselves, while also engaging a people who never felt they could own or value a piece of original art. In a time when art becomes more and more decorative, replicated, and diluted, valuing original art is imperative